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Aspire Life Care

billI am a patient residing at the above address. It is a family run concern very clean and there are no odours lying in the atmosphere. I am a very happy patient here, enjoying life like I am in another world, as if I was in my own home.

I am also feeling well contented with all the hard working staff as well as the “Husband and Wife” team who are the managers in Westdene House. They all make sure us residents are well looked after, making us as comfortable as possible, including all our needs for what is required, if we are house bound, and cannot stand up. At meal times we are kept to a balanced diet, which the food is well cooked, and meals are changed every day, also well presented on the plates. As I am feeling very happy here, one of reasons could mentioned is the treatment and patience given to me since I have been a patient here, I have been responding to treatment quite well. All thanks to the staff once again from me. As I now know I cannot look after myself, so I now find its very pleasing, hopefully, I can look forward towards a healthy future while I am still residing at Westdene House. It’s a great pleasure to be staying here and to keep being happy!

Bill (Room 2)